Our Work

Zaas- Marketing software for FAT Group



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Our Role

Branding/Logo Development, Brand Guidelines, UX/UI Design, Visual Design, 3D Animation, Motion Graphics, WordPress CMS, Zendesk Integration, SEO, Ongoing Maintenance.

The Opportunity

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Our Solution

We set out to create a logo that connected with the inspiration behind the Finch name—a bird in the Galapagos Islands known for having a distinctive, evolutionary beak. The eDesign team landed on a logo that incorporated bird features in a subtle yet striking way, ensuring it would work in both standard and standalone app environments. We then moved on to developing brand guidelines, which served as a starting point for the aesthetic of the websites and slanding pages. At the center of this robust page is a 3D animation that clearly tells the story of the two sides of the Finch experience, along with smart UX design, an abundance of motion, an interactive calculator, a WordPress-powered blog, and more.’

The Outcome

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SmartSoft is designed and built as a scalable, highly available, multi-tenant cloud service.

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Our experience design arm, method, helps businesses.




Our experience design arm, method, helps businesses.




Our experience design arm, method, helps businesses.